Frost Science: Miami’s new high end scientific museum

Frost Science: Miami’s new high end scientific museum

The Patricia and Philip Frost Museum of Science’s reputation is well established and has already seduced thousands of visitors. Nevertheless, on 8th may the 60 years old museum has granted itself a new youth by settling itself in new buildings.

Discover Frost Science in Miami

This change of address come from a desire to modernize and transform the museum into an institution. Thus the Frost Science Museum is now composed of 4 different buildings: the planetarium, the aquarium, the north and the west wing:

  • The planetarium has 250 seats and has a new high-end visual and sound projection system that will make you discover our universe in the best conditions possible. You’ll be able to admire the galaxies and all its mysteries comfortably seated in those new and modern seats. To help you understand our solar system many conferences and shows are organized regularly by explaining in details and intelligibly all the particularities of our world. This planetarium is also the place of many different scientific researches following an innovative scientific program. Finally, every first Friday of the month spectacular shows are organized where famous singers (from Pink Floyd to Lady Gaga) are performing.
  • Aquarium frost miamiBuilt on 3 floors the aquarium regroups many known and unknown fish species coming from the deep’s of the South of Florida and beyond. Hammerhead sharks, skates, jellyfish, corals, multicolored fish and much more live altogether in this new aquarium. Mimicking the ocean, the 3rd floor will present everything living above 30 meters deep, the 2nd floor invite you a bit further down and finally the 1st floor will take you further down to the seabed. All of this enhanced by a playful and modern architecture.
  • The north and west wings are reserved for exhibitions on various subjects to explain science and technology to everyone but always prioritizing easy, intelligent and playful ways to do it. For instance, visitors will be able to project themselves in prehistoric times thanks to some permanent exhibitions like animals and dinosaur reconstructions. Other exhibitions put forwards subjects such as history, lasers, human body… As always all explanations are available in English and Spanish.

The Frost Science Museum’s aim is to inspire and to connect people of all ages and social environment around science and technology in order for them to be aware, appreciate and understand a little bit more about the world they live in.
Between educational programs, children exhibition, a magnificent planetarium and a centre dedicated to all forms of wildlife, The Frost Science Museum has replaced itself at the centre of the international scientific museums repertoire.

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