Your guide to the best nightclubs in Miami

Numerous are the strangers coming to Miami in order to drink cocktails by the water
under the burning sun of Florida. And yet when the night falls the city life doesn’t stop nonetheless. You will find a multitude of nightclubs which will satisfy the most demanding of you! Let’s check the top five clubs you could find in the city.

LIV – Fontainebleau Miami Beach

One of the most famous club of Miami is situated inside the Fontainebleau hotel where you could pass through the majestic lobby of this luxurious palace. Most of the time you will hear Hip hop, Rap and commercial music always remixed by their very talented DJs. It is also well known for its prices, the entrance will cost you 50$ and the drinks around 20$. Do not make the mistake of going into that club wearing jeans and sneakers. The entrance is very selective, no negotiations possible. But once inside you’ll have the best party of your entire life!

Purdy Lounge

Situated at Miami Beach this bar-nightclub has nothing to do with the LIV: very affordable prices, a smaller dancefloor and a friendly ambience. Thanks to its luminous furniture and old school decoration you’ll be transported directly back into the 70’s. New and old playlist are played over there. Those who wants to have fun and let go will be very welcomed there.

Mango's tropical Café

Mango’s Tropical Café

In a totally different style the Mango’s Tropical Café will make you dance on feverous Latinos rhythm. If you want to have dinner and/or to spend the night dancing: this is your place! Latinos singers and dancers will be there to animate your night, no one is left aside even the waiters are swaying while serving your drinks. To enjoy this peculiar atmosphere, you’ll have to pay 50$ but will live a real fiesta near Ocean Drive!

Electric Pickle

This nightclub may remind you of Berlin. Depending on the program of the night this club’s setlist is veering between techno, electro and even hardtek. With its two dancefloors you will always have the choice to enjoy different vibes. Clubbers come over there to dance the night away on electronic music. There is no judgement here, everyone is welcome as long as you’re not bothering others and just have a good time.

Ball & Chain Miami

Ball & Chain

Impossible to not talk about Ball & Chain! This mystic Cuban club opened for the very first time in 1935 in the Little Havana and has since won the heart of many generations. After tasting Cuban specialities at the club’s restaurant or sipping some medium price cocktail it is time for you to come on the dancefloor and dance some salsa or bachata where live Cuban artist, musicians and Djs succeed one another on stage all night long.

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