Art and fashion: a successful marriage in Miami !

Art and fashion: a successful marriage in Miami !

Miami is remodeling itself on all levels: on a real estate level with the numerous urban centers under construction; on a cultural level with the various museums reorganized or relocated; but also on an artistic level. The Wynwood district is the perfect example: a former disadvantaged area which became a contemporary art center.

But Wynwood district is not the only neighborhood that has undergone a radical transformation in its architecture. The Design District has gone even further! In fact, located between 36th Street and 43rd Street, the Design District will make you forget all about the bling bling clichés of Miami. Reinvented in 2000 by Craig Robins, the “DD” as the regulars call it, will surprise you by its mixture of cultures.

Carre d'or Miami

The Carré d’Or

The perimeter of the Carré d’Or brings together, as its name suggests, the houses of the greatest couturiers, the most luxurious jewelers but also pastry shops or upscale restaurants. Forgot all the skyscrapers, make place for buildings of 4 floors maximum for a more human size life. The streets are clean and quiet, lined with palm and mahogany trees.

Artistic Center

A strong artistic center

Design District is full of impressive artistic works. As you stroll, you will stumble upon the Palm Court, an area surrounded by a majestic blue glass building, designed by the Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto. In the center, the geodemic dome of the American Bunkminster Fuller, an immense alveolated ball, is bathed in a fountain. Further on, a bust of Le Corbusier was carved by Xavier Veilhan.

The multitude of private collection

Miami Design District also allows you to discover amazing private collections such as Jim Hodges’ floral installations, Kathryn Andrew’s giant birthday candles or Alexandra Gestin’s Sumos.

temporary exhibitions miami

Temporary exhibitions

This artistic district is obviously full of temporary exhibitions in various unusual places. Thus, you can discover the paintings of Alain Godon, the sculptures of Richard Orlinski or the digital art of Phil Macquet in the famous gallery Markovicz (one of the most famous).

Although the Design District has completely changed from a disadvantaged neighborhood to a trendy art scene in the space of 15 years, the metamorphosis is not over yet. At the corner of some of the streets, vacant lots, houses under construction, dust … The construction site is not yet fully completed but the promise is kept: Design District brings a luxurious and artistic touch to the seaside resort that was Miami.

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