Miami, The Place To Be !

Miami, The Place To Be !

In only a few decades, Miami has known how to reinvent itself from a very overrated seaside resort to a more trendy, dynamic multicultural city. What are the differences found within the largest city of Florida and how has this movement been injected? MCS details for you all the metamorphoses the city has gone through.

Miami is a recent city. It’s only in 1900 that the city is born. But American people known for their rapidity and investments, the small town quickly became a great metropolis. In less than 100 years, the city became the most influent one in all Florida. But the last couple of years, Miami suffered from an overrated image. That’s when city’s policy changed radically. Rather than continuing in the direction of expectation, everything has been done to attract new concepts, new inhabitants and new investors.

Firstly, municipality decided to restore its district left behind. Indeed, some areas of Miami have been deserted the municipality and the local residents. Like the Wynwood or Brickell neighborhoods. The first one had almost ended up being ill-famed and disreputable. It was then that the city of Miami decided to start investment programs by giving each neighborhood its own imprint and usefulness. Thanks to many artists, Wynwood has become in only a few years an art center recognized worlwide! Impressive tags cover the walls, very innovative concept stores open their doors every year, and people in search of cultural outings are hurrying to buy a property in the neighborhood. All this attracts new exhibitors and tourists. The virtuous circle is engaged.

Wynwood walls

In the same line, many oversized residences are born year after year. All offer to their occupants services such as a shopping center within the building, a theater, a cinema, several swimming pools and much more. The most renowned architects sign some of these complexes like Zaha Hadid or Grimshaw Architects.
For newly arrived residents to enjoy Miami, new train lines are being built like the one serving Orlando from Miami. It will be inaugurated at the end of 2017. With the same objective of “seduction”, Miami also created more and more green spaces, like a linear park of about 20km, which will soon see the light under the aerial metro, accompanied by numerous bike paths.

Moreover, art is becoming more and more central to the dynamism of the city. Indeed, many museums are built one after the other, and this in all areas. For instance, the Science Museum has already opened its door and now competes with the world’s leading science museums with its spectacular planetarium at the forefront of modernity.

Miami architecture

All these transformations attract a very young population. This new generation is changing the traditional ways of working (co-working spaces, companies focusing on high-tech technology and ecology etc.) but also ways of living. That is why the artistic and urban districts are as much frequented.

For several years now, Miami is welcoming more than 1000 new inhabitants per month. The number of visitors is also increasing where tourism in the United States is decelerating. These significant developments reflect the attractiveness of Miami around the world. Thanks to an offensive policy of dynamization, the largest metropolis in Florida has gone from an overrated beach resort to a trendy destination.

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