International Gastronomy in Miami !

International Gastronomy in Miami !

Being one of the most visited and inhabited metropolis of the United States, Miami obviously attracts many different culinary styles. Whether it is European, Asian or African food, international gastronomy is very well represented.

Miami already has a very strong taste imprint. Over there, you can eat alligators, catfishes (usually breaded and fried with corn flour) or even key lime pie (a dessert from Key West made with lime juice, a small acidic lemon grown in Florida and covered with a layer of meringue. It is one of Florida’s symbols). In addition to these specialties, Florida is paradise of orange, fish and fresh seafood. What to feast on more than one!

International food miamiNonetheless, Miami is also marked by an incredible Cuban gastronomy. Sometimes you almost feel on the other side of the sea. There are not many restaurants serving imported food directly from the island. You will be able to taste the famous papas rellenas (an appetizer of potatoes stuffed with ground beef, tomatoes and spices, and some fries with homemade breadcrumbs), the arroz con pollo (chicken with rice covered with a delicious caraway sauce, oregano, garlic and onion), or even Cuban pastelitos (puff pastry stuffed with fruit and cream cheese). This cuisine is not always very light but at least you will eat well and you will never be disappointed. Added to this is the festive atmosphere of Cuban restaurants. Besides the Cuban influence, Latin American cuisine is also very present. Under this name, there are Peruvian, Mexican, Argentinean and Spanish restaurants located throughout Miami.
Miami also welcomes countless of other flavors, such as comfort food from West India, Jamaica and the Caribbean. Multitudes of flavors are developed here. You will find the Indian colombo, the brandade of West Indian cod, the African calalou or else the fish court-bouillon Creole. No need to describe each dish, all you have to do is come and taste it!

Miami foodTo guide you through the gastronomy in Miami, we have some addresses to recommend to you:
– Mr. Yum is a popular restaurant for tropical sushi and Thai curry. So you can risk something other than Latin American cuisine, while staying in Little Havana,
– In terms of Cuban cuisine, Le Versailles on Calle Ocho (8th Street) will delight your taste buds. This reference, an institution over 40 years old, offers a map almost as big as Little Havana itself.
– At Naomi’s takeaway counter in Liberty City, you’ll be served huge portions of comfort food made in the Caribbean way. For many years, residents and tourists have considered it a hidden gem. You can find all the tasty specialties of the islands on demand.

Miami has seen many immigration waves. Their imprints can be find in the city streets, the different districts’ atmosphere but also in the plates of restaurants. In Miami you’ll be able to enjoy the world gastronomy at any time of the day or night!

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