Take the plane to Miami, a trip more and more accessible!

Take the plane to Miami, a trip more and more accessible!

Although it is necessary to cross the Atlantic Ocean to reach Miami, the flight is not as expensive nor as far as one could imagine. The 7300 kilometers between Miami and Paris can be crossed in just 10 hours of flight. Prices are also cheaper and cheaper! So many reasons to not restrain oneself from the Floridian sun for the next holidays!

To find a cheap flight, you can obviously do some research on the usual price comparison websites. Most of the time they will find you low-cost flights around 500€ each. Take some precautions:
– Connections. Check long before to reserve that the travel do not include a ten hour stop in Atlanta or elsewhere.
– Luggage. Some airlines post a price to which is then added a cost of transporting luggage. This one can be sometimes very expensive (80€).
Airline miamiLow cost companies are more and more numerous to connect Paris to Miami. This increase of competition clearly made the prices dropped. In the last couple of years, non low-cost companies have launched themselves into the competition by selling flights at the same price with a higher standing. For instance, since June 2013 the French airline company XL Airways assure three weekly flights from Paris CDG. A round trip can only cost you 470€! Do not hesitate to check their site regularly to see new offers. Prices are about the same as the low cost one but the quality of the service is somewhat different: a hot meal, a snack and a franchise of 20kg of luggage are included in the price. Sandwiches, soups, sweets and other cold drinks are available for a fee.

In addition to these possibilities, you can also decide to go through a charter flight. These are seasonal and therefore non-scheduled flights that are often communicated only 10 days before takeoff. So it’s a last-minute option. But prices can sometimes be very attractive. By contrast, most flights will land at the Fort Lauderdale International Terminal, 50km north of Miami. You can then take a suburban train or rent a car.

Finally, to benefit from the lowest prices, we will give you some tips:
– first of all, plan a departure on a Tuesday. It is most of the time the day of the week when flights are the cheapest.
– then do your research at unconventional times (early in the morning or late at night). Indeed, ticket prices change depending on the time the order is placed.
– also, do not hesitate to check the stopover box. For 1:30 of waiting in Atlanta, you can sometimes save 100 €.
finally, if it is possible for you, leave from Brussels. For those who live above the Loire, look at the Brussels-Miami ticket prices and compare prices from Paris to Miami. The difference can sometimes be in hundred (s) of euros!airview miami

The possibilities to reduce the cost of his plane ticket to Miami are numerous. They can also be applied for the trip from Miami. In any case, you can now leave for Florida for less than 500 € all inclusive!

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