Miami Diner
International Gastronomy in Miami !

Being one of the most visited and inhabited metropolis of the United States, Miami obviously attracts many different culinary styles. Whether it is European, Asian or African food, international gastronomy is very well represented.

Miami already has a very strong taste imprint. Over there, you can eat alligators, catfishes (usually breaded and fried with corn flour) or even key lime pie (a dessert from Key West made with lime juice, a small acidic lemon grown in Florida and covered with a layer of meringue. It is one of Florida’s symbols). In addition to these specialties, Florida is paradise of orange, fish and fresh seafood. What to feast on more than one!

International food miamiNonetheless, Miami is also marked by an incredible Cuban gastronomy. Sometimes you almost feel on the other side of the sea. There are not many restaurants serving imported food directly from the island. You will be able to taste the famous papas rellenas (an appetizer of potatoes stuffed with ground beef, tomatoes and spices, and some fries with homemade breadcrumbs), the arroz con pollo (chicken with rice covered with a delicious caraway sauce, oregano, garlic and onion), or even Cuban pastelitos (puff pastry stuffed with fruit and cream cheese). This cuisine is not always very light but at least you will eat well and you will never be disappointed. Added to this is the festive atmosphere of Cuban restaurants. Besides the Cuban influence, Latin American cuisine is also very present. Under this name, there are Peruvian, Mexican, Argentinean and Spanish restaurants located throughout Miami.
Miami also welcomes countless of other flavors, such as comfort food from West India, Jamaica and the Caribbean. Multitudes of flavors are developed here. You will find the Indian colombo, the brandade of West Indian cod, the African calalou or else the fish court-bouillon Creole. No need to describe each dish, all you have to do is come and taste it!

Miami foodTo guide you through the gastronomy in Miami, we have some addresses to recommend to you:
– Mr. Yum is a popular restaurant for tropical sushi and Thai curry. So you can risk something other than Latin American cuisine, while staying in Little Havana,
– In terms of Cuban cuisine, Le Versailles on Calle Ocho (8th Street) will delight your taste buds. This reference, an institution over 40 years old, offers a map almost as big as Little Havana itself.
– At Naomi’s takeaway counter in Liberty City, you’ll be served huge portions of comfort food made in the Caribbean way. For many years, residents and tourists have considered it a hidden gem. You can find all the tasty specialties of the islands on demand.

Miami has seen many immigration waves. Their imprints can be find in the city streets, the different districts’ atmosphere but also in the plates of restaurants. In Miami you’ll be able to enjoy the world gastronomy at any time of the day or night!

Take a plane to miami
Take the plane to Miami, a trip more and more accessible!

Although it is necessary to cross the Atlantic Ocean to reach Miami, the flight is not as expensive nor as far as one could imagine. The 7300 kilometers between Miami and Paris can be crossed in just 10 hours of flight. Prices are also cheaper and cheaper! So many reasons to not restrain oneself from the Floridian sun for the next holidays!

To find a cheap flight, you can obviously do some research on the usual price comparison websites. Most of the time they will find you low-cost flights around 500€ each. Take some precautions:
– Connections. Check long before to reserve that the travel do not include a ten hour stop in Atlanta or elsewhere.
– Luggage. Some airlines post a price to which is then added a cost of transporting luggage. This one can be sometimes very expensive (80€).
Airline miamiLow cost companies are more and more numerous to connect Paris to Miami. This increase of competition clearly made the prices dropped. In the last couple of years, non low-cost companies have launched themselves into the competition by selling flights at the same price with a higher standing. For instance, since June 2013 the French airline company XL Airways assure three weekly flights from Paris CDG. A round trip can only cost you 470€! Do not hesitate to check their site regularly to see new offers. Prices are about the same as the low cost one but the quality of the service is somewhat different: a hot meal, a snack and a franchise of 20kg of luggage are included in the price. Sandwiches, soups, sweets and other cold drinks are available for a fee.

In addition to these possibilities, you can also decide to go through a charter flight. These are seasonal and therefore non-scheduled flights that are often communicated only 10 days before takeoff. So it’s a last-minute option. But prices can sometimes be very attractive. By contrast, most flights will land at the Fort Lauderdale International Terminal, 50km north of Miami. You can then take a suburban train or rent a car.

Finally, to benefit from the lowest prices, we will give you some tips:
– first of all, plan a departure on a Tuesday. It is most of the time the day of the week when flights are the cheapest.
– then do your research at unconventional times (early in the morning or late at night). Indeed, ticket prices change depending on the time the order is placed.
– also, do not hesitate to check the stopover box. For 1:30 of waiting in Atlanta, you can sometimes save 100 €.
finally, if it is possible for you, leave from Brussels. For those who live above the Loire, look at the Brussels-Miami ticket prices and compare prices from Paris to Miami. The difference can sometimes be in hundred (s) of euros!airview miami

The possibilities to reduce the cost of his plane ticket to Miami are numerous. They can also be applied for the trip from Miami. In any case, you can now leave for Florida for less than 500 € all inclusive!

Live in Miami
Miami, The Place To Be !

In only a few decades, Miami has known how to reinvent itself from a very overrated seaside resort to a more trendy, dynamic multicultural city. What are the differences found within the largest city of Florida and how has this movement been injected? MCS details for you all the metamorphoses the city has gone through.

Miami is a recent city. It’s only in 1900 that the city is born. But American people known for their rapidity and investments, the small town quickly became a great metropolis. In less than 100 years, the city became the most influent one in all Florida. But the last couple of years, Miami suffered from an overrated image. That’s when city’s policy changed radically. Rather than continuing in the direction of expectation, everything has been done to attract new concepts, new inhabitants and new investors.

Firstly, municipality decided to restore its district left behind. Indeed, some areas of Miami have been deserted the municipality and the local residents. Like the Wynwood or Brickell neighborhoods. The first one had almost ended up being ill-famed and disreputable. It was then that the city of Miami decided to start investment programs by giving each neighborhood its own imprint and usefulness. Thanks to many artists, Wynwood has become in only a few years an art center recognized worlwide! Impressive tags cover the walls, very innovative concept stores open their doors every year, and people in search of cultural outings are hurrying to buy a property in the neighborhood. All this attracts new exhibitors and tourists. The virtuous circle is engaged.

Wynwood walls

In the same line, many oversized residences are born year after year. All offer to their occupants services such as a shopping center within the building, a theater, a cinema, several swimming pools and much more. The most renowned architects sign some of these complexes like Zaha Hadid or Grimshaw Architects.
For newly arrived residents to enjoy Miami, new train lines are being built like the one serving Orlando from Miami. It will be inaugurated at the end of 2017. With the same objective of “seduction”, Miami also created more and more green spaces, like a linear park of about 20km, which will soon see the light under the aerial metro, accompanied by numerous bike paths.

Moreover, art is becoming more and more central to the dynamism of the city. Indeed, many museums are built one after the other, and this in all areas. For instance, the Science Museum has already opened its door and now competes with the world’s leading science museums with its spectacular planetarium at the forefront of modernity.

Miami architecture

All these transformations attract a very young population. This new generation is changing the traditional ways of working (co-working spaces, companies focusing on high-tech technology and ecology etc.) but also ways of living. That is why the artistic and urban districts are as much frequented.

For several years now, Miami is welcoming more than 1000 new inhabitants per month. The number of visitors is also increasing where tourism in the United States is decelerating. These significant developments reflect the attractiveness of Miami around the world. Thanks to an offensive policy of dynamization, the largest metropolis in Florida has gone from an overrated beach resort to a trendy destination.

1000 Museum Miami
1000 Museum, Miami’s new architectural treasure

Zaha Hadid’s reputation is no longer to be made. After having erected monuments all over the world (Rome, Abu Dhabi, London, Seoul …), she is now coming for the first time for the United States. It’s in Miami that she’s decided several years ago to launch her project of a tower of the future. Although the renowned architect has since died, the 1000 Museum will have its imprint.

This magnificent 215-meter-high skyscraper will see the day in the year 2018. Far from all those buildings without any design and soul, the 1000 Museum is aptly named. Beyond the apartments, the tower has been conceived as a true museum, as an innovative architectural monument. Its spectacular entrance in the form of a shark gill sets the tone! Here, the spaces are disproportionate and the decorations are impressive. The contemporary structure of the building, similar to a superb skeleton, creates a striking contrast with the crystalline facade.

Beautiful view of Miami

The services offered by the 1000 Museum are exceptional and for some, never seen before! Thus, a heliport is available to the most fortunate inhabitants to be able to move as quickly as possible in Florida. A highly secure safe will allow them to store their most valuable assets. Residents of the 1000 Museum can also enjoy the aquatic center, infinity pool, spa, fitness center, 24-hour concierge and more. Many reception areas are also available, such as upscale restaurants, bars, rest rooms, conference rooms, etc.
On the residential side, the building will house 83 apartments including duplex penthouses with panoramic view. Prices will range from $ 4.9 million for the smaller “apartment” up to $ 45 million for larger units. The most luxurious penthouse will stretch over 1400m2, between the 58th and 59th floor. It will be equipped with a private swimming pool and unparalleled facilities. Each apartment will have at least 4 bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, a terrace and 2 bathrooms. All residents will also be able to enjoy the underground parking and all the other infrastructures of the building.

Apartment seafront Miami

One of the main assets of the residence will undoubtedly be its view. Situated on the waterfront, most of the apartments will enjoy stunning views of Miami Bay. Moreover the roof-terrace has been designed according to the orientation of the building, so you can sip a cocktail (or two) while contemplating the wide and sunset. (photo 1-3)
Built in the very center of Miami, next to Midtown, Brickell and Coconut Grove, the 1000 Museum will suit all generations. Many shops surround the building and the various atmospheres of the different districts will make you discover a resplendent Miami. Located in front of the port, Perez Art Museum (PAMM), future Miami Science Museum and Museum Park, the location of Zaha Hadid’s latest building could not be better.

Miami is a city in full metamorphosis. Districts are changing and infrastructures too. The famous architect Zaha Hadid has been part of this change by adding her own personal touch. The 1000 Museum is one of the most expected constructions of 2018 and it will for sure not disappoint its visitors. No doubt: this address will become one of the most prestigious in Miami!

Cape Canaveral Museum
Cape Canaveral, a confidential and touristic Aerospace Area

Florida is one of the most stunning regions of the United States. Beyond the big cities, fine sandy beaches and shopping malls, Florida has many different attractions that can attract more than one tourist. Cape Canaveral is one of them. This area situated on the east coast, less than an hour’s drive from Orlando, hosts the most famous aerospace launch base in the US: Cape Canaveral.

Cap Canaveral Map Miami

Cape Canaveral developed itself throughout the 20th century. From now on, this coastal zone is only dedicated to aerospace research and action for purely geographical reasons: it’s surrounded by water. The largest nearby town is more than 85km (Orlando). In addition, to the west is the Gulf of Mexico and east, the Atlantic Ocean, which direction are oriented all launches. When in 1959 the Kennedy Space Center was erected on Cape Canaveral, the region instantly became the symbol of the American space conquest. Since then, the region has not lost its reputation, quite the contrary.

The Kennedy Space Center witnessed the greatest achievements and worst disasters in the history of space conquest. From Armstrong’s first steps on the moon on July 20, 1969 to the explosion of the shuttle Challenger on January 28, 1986 followed by that of the Space Shuttle Columbia on February 1, 2003. The biggest American events about the aerospace universe have taken off from this specific Florida center. On this land of 567m2, 14,000 people work day and night to discover the world around us.

Nasa in south florida

Every single day many visitors come in this center. Indeed, the Kennedy Space Center became a must visit of Florida. In addition to the work NASA does every day in Cape Canaveral, tourists come and enjoy the space universe thanks to the many attractions of the center. Although some rides have been installed there, we cannot talk about an amusement park in its own. Nevertheless, the owners built year after year a rollercoaster and other entertainment always related to aerospace to promote Cape Canaveral. This way you will be able to visit the museum and understand the history of the lunar conquest thanks to impressive reconstructions (including the take-off of a rocket), inordinate exhibition rooms and crazy attractions.

Space Center

For more details on Cape Canaveral, you can also get on a bus that will guide you through the Kennedy Center for more than a 2 hours. You will discover the observation platforms, the “rocket factory”, the crew members’ quarter, but above all approach a life-size rocket, the most moving moment of the day. A real happiness, especially for space enthusiasts!

Lauch in Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral has become one of the most recommended tourist sites in Florida. With its many attractions and authentic side, the Kennedy Space Center attracts thousands of visitors every year. All of this does not prevent the United States from pursuing their research in this ultra-confidential center. Do not hesitate to spend a day there, you will not be disappointed.

Coral Barrer
Florida’s coral reefs: a miraculous immersion!

Perfectly known for its white sand beaches that extends over tens of kilometers Miami has a lot to share and is full of resources. But just a little further in the water, off the beaches is a sumptuous coral reef. It is the third largest in the world and the only one in North America. The water is crystal clear and the corals are amazing. A must see!

Artistic Center
Art and fashion: a successful marriage in Miami !

Miami is remodeling itself on all levels: on a real estate level with the numerous urban centers under construction; on a cultural level with the various museums reorganized or relocated; but also on an artistic level. The Wynwood district is the perfect example: a former disadvantaged area which became a contemporary art center.

SkyRise Miami
Real estate projects of the future in Miami

Although Miami is perceived as one of the inescapable cities of the United States, the municipality does not intend to stop there. For more than ten years, the prefecture has reinvented the city by making it more attractive, but also by building immense real estate projects to accommodate more inhabitants and also more tourists. Some investments are aimed at new high-end residences but others are aimed at the construction of real urban centers.

Frost Science Museum Miami
Frost Science: Miami’s new high end scientific museum

The Patricia and Philip Frost Museum of Science’s reputation is well established and has already seduced thousands of visitors. Nevertheless, on 8th may the 60 years old museum has granted itself a new youth by settling itself in new buildings.

guide of the best nightclubs in Miami
Your guide to the best nightclubs in Miami

Numerous are the strangers coming to Miami in order to drink cocktails by the water
under the burning sun of Florida. And yet when the night falls the city life doesn’t stop nonetheless. You will find a multitude of nightclubs which will satisfy the most demanding of you! Let’s check the top five clubs you could find in the city.