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Miami Diner
International Gastronomy in Miami !

Being one of the most visited and inhabited metropolis of the United States, Miami obviously attracts many different culinary styles. Whether it is European, Asian or African food, international gastronomy is very well represented. Miami already has a very strong taste imprint. Over there, you can eat alligators, catfishes (usually breaded and fried with corn […]

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Take a plane to miami
Take the plane to Miami, a trip more and more accessible!

Although it is necessary to cross the Atlantic Ocean to reach Miami, the flight is not as expensive nor as far as one could imagine. The 7300 kilometers between Miami and Paris can be crossed in just 10 hours of flight. Prices are also cheaper and cheaper! So many reasons to not restrain oneself from […]

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Live in Miami
Miami, The Place To Be !

In only a few decades, Miami has known how to reinvent itself from a very overrated seaside resort to a more trendy, dynamic multicultural city. What are the differences found within the largest city of Florida and how has this movement been injected? MCS details for you all the metamorphoses the city has gone through. […]

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1000 Museum Miami
1000 Museum, Miami’s new architectural treasure

Zaha Hadid’s reputation is no longer to be made. After having erected monuments all over the world (Rome, Abu Dhabi, London, Seoul …), she is now coming for the first time for the United States. It’s in Miami that she’s decided several years ago to launch her project of a tower of the future. Although […]

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Cape Canaveral Museum
Cape Canaveral, a confidential and touristic Aerospace Area

Florida is one of the most stunning regions of the United States. Beyond the big cities, fine sandy beaches and shopping malls, Florida has many different attractions that can attract more than one tourist. Cape Canaveral is one of them. This area situated on the east coast, less than an hour’s drive from Orlando, hosts […]

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Coral Barrer
Florida’s coral reefs: a miraculous immersion!

Perfectly known for its white sand beaches that extends over tens of kilometers Miami has a lot to share and is full of resources. But just a little further in the water, off the beaches is a sumptuous coral reef. It is the third largest in the world and the only one in North America. […]

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Artistic Center
Art and fashion: a successful marriage in Miami !

Miami is remodeling itself on all levels: on a real estate level with the numerous urban centers under construction; on a cultural level with the various museums reorganized or relocated; but also on an artistic level. The Wynwood district is the perfect example: a former disadvantaged area which became a contemporary art center.

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SkyRise Miami
Real estate projects of the future in Miami

Although Miami is perceived as one of the inescapable cities of the United States, the municipality does not intend to stop there. For more than ten years, the prefecture has reinvented the city by making it more attractive, but also by building immense real estate projects to accommodate more inhabitants and also more tourists. Some […]

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Frost Science Museum Miami
Frost Science: Miami’s new high end scientific museum

The Patricia and Philip Frost Museum of Science’s reputation is well established and has already seduced thousands of visitors. Nevertheless, on 8th may the 60 years old museum has granted itself a new youth by settling itself in new buildings.

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guide of the best nightclubs in Miami
Your guide to the best nightclubs in Miami

Numerous are the strangers coming to Miami in order to drink cocktails by the water under the burning sun of Florida. And yet when the night falls the city life doesn’t stop nonetheless. You will find a multitude of nightclubs which will satisfy the most demanding of you! Let’s check the top five clubs you […]

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