Property Management

Management Services Provided

Our specific department : MCS Property Management will take care to manage your property all year long

  • Renter Management
  • Condo association and management relations
  • Coordinate eventual repairs
  • Your insurance coordination
  • Cooperate with your Accountant
  • Deal with all the administration
  • Following rent payment
  • Coordination and cooperation with attorney for eviction
  • Move in / Move out / Walk thru report
  • Coordination upgrade and fixing
  • Building management
  • Commercial property management

Eviction : State of Florida laws are favorable to the owners in case of non-payment of the rent. Eviction judgement could be obtained between 3 to 7 weeks.

Property Management in Miami
Rent apartment in miami

How to rent your property ?

Our Team will take care to put your property to rent as follow :

  1. Research Renter
    • Publish your property in MLS (Realtor Multiple Listing Service) and other real estate marketing search engine.
    • We coordinate the showings
    • We analyse the prospect files (screening)
    • We prepare the lease. The Floridian lease is for 1 year. We ask for : first month, last month, one month deposit (total : 3 months)
  2. We assist the new renter facing the condo association in order to get the condo approval.
  3. Walk thru and keys.

Our specificity : The rent payment is paid by the renter to the owner bank account.