Real Estate Brokerage Firm

SinceĀ 1999, Michel Sabbah, Floridian licensed broker, developed a real estate firm offering all the services : investments, rental and management of properties (residential and commercial). Dedicated to the national and international clientele.

  • Identify the property and assist you during the acquisition process.
  • Rental.
  • Management.

Our pround is to serve.

The Lexi Miami
MCS Team Miami

A skilled team will assist you at each step

Michel SabbahMichel Sabbah
President MCS Group
Floridian Licensed Real Estate Broker. Realtor. Property Management Certified.

Christine RENOUChristine RENOU
Management Director
In charge of the Management Department.

Damien CurtetDamien CURTET

Office ManagerCom/Media/SEO.

Our Contractors Partners

Immigration Attorney

Attorney Trust Probate

Certified Public Accountest

Project Managers
Franck LISBOA (General Contractor)
Alain SANTANA (Architect)

Juan Carlos CURA
Attorney Closing Agent

*Realtor : National Association of real estate agents.

Partners MCS